Established over 170 years ago, Missiaglia1846 with a truly individual personality and a committed focus in achieving excellence in both design and craftsmanship is the oldest Venetian jeweler.


Since then Missiaglia1846 has been in the hands of the same family, making it one of the oldest family-run business in Europe. The generations that have followed up to now have fermented the unmistakable Missiaglia style over the years, adding time to new creations and confirming those details of elegance and uniqueness so loved by the clientele, that recognizes in them elements of unparalleled distinction. In the creation of legendary Missiaglia jewels, over the years, a sophisticated collection of Silverware is joined together, becoming synonymous with excellence, luxury and highest quality. Inspired by its heritage and the sublime beauty of Venice the High Jewellery and Silverware Collections have transcended fashion of the day, representing instead the eternal gift of style.


With a profound respect for the noblest Venetian traditions of craftsmanship every Missiaglia1846 creation is meticulously refined down to the finest details and is the result of centuries of experience
and savoir-faire, and countless hours of breathtaking, specialized skills, perfected by devoted artisans.


Raised in the oldest Venetian “botteghe”, our craftsmen are the living testimony of the tradition that linked and still links Venice to precious stones, fine jewelry and silverware. Capital and heart of what was the largest Maritime Republic of the ancient world, Venice was a most important reference in the world for the trading and processing of precious stones and metals. From this far away world but still present in the magical atmosphere that this city can create, remains the heritage of the Goldsmith’s Art. Antique instruments, sublime techniques, unique craftsmanship secrets and passion are at the base of our jewelry and silverware creations.


“Your Artichokes are magical”.
This beautiful phrase uttered by one of our dear customers, aptly describes the essence of our creations. Unique objects, unusual, created with the finest materials by skilled hands. The passion of creating authentic small treasures linked to the beauty of Venice, its charm, its atmosphere, able to hold and transmit in time its endless magic.